Insurance Restoration

Delta Construction – Insurance Restoration

Minneapolis & Omaha Roof Storm Damage Repairs

Delta Construction, Inc. is an experienced restoration company. We don’t just do quality work; we have helped thousands of homeowners just like you with their storm damage needs by working hand in hand with many insurance carriers through the entire insurance restoration process.

  1. Inspect your property.
    Hail and wind leave damage that is often hard to notice. It usually takes a trained eye to find it, and to not confuse damage with regular deterioration. Our clients very often don’t even think they have storm damage. Our trained specialist will find it, determine the scope and will let you know what needs to be done next. The inspection is FREE of charge.roof inspection free estimates bid
  2. Help you with the insurance claim process.
    We make it very simple for you: our representative will stand by to answer any questions that insurance representatives may have regarding our findings.
  3. Meet with insurance adjuster.
    Most homeowners are sure insurance adjusters are on their sides, but are surprised to learn adjusters are there to represent only the INSURANCE COMPANY and NOT the homeowner. Don’t take any chances by trusting that the adjuster will do everything right. Have one of Delta’s Field Specialists to meet the adjuster. Together, we will assess the scope of damage and discuss what it will take to make sure your property is restored to pre-storm condition. This is a very important stage. We would like to provide you with an extra pair of very well-trained eyes so nothing gets overlooked, and to help the adjuster to make the right calls. Years of work with insurance adjusters gives us necessary knowledge and know-how to speak “their language.”
  4. Help you make sense of insurance paperwork,and handle it for you.
    Our representative will explain the details of the insurance estimate and answer any questions.
  5. Explain materials and repair options.
    Delta will guide you through your choices to make sure you property looks great after all repairs are done. We will bring material samples right to your door step, explain the differences and help you with color choices.
  6. Complete projects in timely manner.
    Our trained professionals will complete all projects in a timely fashion. Our production office will notify you in advance with the project(s) start date.
  7. Recover available depreciation.
    Insurance companies usually withhold a portion of money until the work is completed. Delta Construction will automatically invoice your insurance company on your behalf to expedite issuance of the final check to you.
  8. Do warranty checkups.
    Once the work is done, we need to make sure your property is safe and sound. Over the period of our 10-year craftsmanship warranty, our representatives will check periodically on the project(s) we did. We stand behind our promises. This is a free courtesy service.

At Delta, we understand your time is valuable, so we make the process as easy as we can. All you need to do is follow our hassle-free system.

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